Tik-Tok Nursery in Pelaw

Ages from 2 to 5 years old

TOK-TOK Pelaw is a 26 place nursery which provides a safe, caring and stimulating environment for children aged 2 to 5 years old. We are at the heart of the community and have close links with the local school and community centre.  Learning through play is a key element for children’s development and we provide a wide range of continuous provisions for the children to explore.  Free flow play makes up a lot of the daily routine and allows the children time to explore and investigate what is around them.  The children use visual routines and choosing boards throughout the day which allow them to make their own choices within the setting, thereby promoting their independence.

We encourage and support the children and promote health and self care independently for example, toilet training, dressing and undressing, as well as eating independently at mealtimes. However, help is never far away and a helping hand is always there to offer support when it is needed.

We include welcome time and reflection time within our routine allowing the children to share their experiences with practitioners and their peers.  We believe that key worker time with the children is important and this allows the practitioner to plan and support the children’s progress and development.

Stories, rhymes and songs are used frequently within the nursery and support the children’s holistic development.  As well as this messy play is a big part of our daily experiences and the children enjoy this both inside the nursery and outside in the garden.  The children enjoy hands-on learning about the world around them within the community garden, which includes flowerbeds and vegetable plots where the children plant and care for a range of different crops.

Outdoor Areas

At Tik Tok each age range around the nursery has their own garden area.  This allows the children to play safely with children of their own age.  The staff and children can then work together to develop these areas to best meet the needs of the children using that area.

We have regular times throughout the day available for outdoor play, but if the weather isn’t the best for the children to enjoy at their normal times, then we adapt the routine to ensure that there is at least a daily opportunity to play outside.

Support from parents with appropriate clothing means that sometimes we can get out in all weathers unless this proves too hazardous for the children.  Hats, scarves and gloves with a warm coat ensure the children can explore outside in the colder weather, with wellies as an extra bonus for splashing in puddles.  We provide waterproofs at nursery so that the children can still get outside in the wet weather, with sun cream and a sun hat in the summer provided to protect the children from the sun.

We try to ensure that our outdoor areas mirror some of the activities indoors so that the children have more choices to make alongside the opportunity for more physical play, taking advantage of the fresh air and space. Bikes, balls and climbing are examples of typical activities available outdoors while further opportunities for investigation of their world are also possible.  For example, finding creatures and bugs, or watching how the trees and plants around us change throughout the seasons.


Why Choose Us

Situated in the heart of Gateshead, opposite Gateshead International Stadium, TIK-TOK is a non-profit making children’s nursery.

Our philosophy is to promote an environment of high quality childcare in close partnership with parents. We enable children in our care to reach their full potential in an exciting, stimulating and educational atmosphere that is geared to each child’s developmental and specific needs.

We encourage the involvement of our parents through the Friends of TIK-TOK, a parent group which meets on a regular basis to discuss nursery policy and arrange fund raising activities and social events. All parents are invited to be part of this group.

We believe our staff to be our greatest asset.

As a company limited by guarantee, TOK-TOK currently has six Directors who take a keen interest in the developments and progress of nursery life. As trustees their role is to formulate nursery policy and oversee activities required by charity law.

Our fees are set to cover both our operating costs and investment in the purchase of equipment. We operate not for profit. There are no shareholders seeking to take money out of TIK-TOK.